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Tyres in Carterton


At Spires Mobile Tyres Ltd trading as HiQ, we supply a wide range of garage services for customers from the Carterton area. We believe in offering the best prices on MOT testing, car servicing, car repairs, vehicle diagnostics, clutch repairs and our various premium and budget priced tyres.


As most are aware, tyres need to be in excellent condition as this is the only point of contact with the road. Poor tyres can endanger yourself, your passengers, other vehicle owners and pedestrians.


At Spires Mobile Tyres Ltd trading as HiQ we recommend that pressures and the condition of tyres are checked monthly. It’s possible to lose up to 4psi in a month, so in the space of 2 months it can start to have an impact on the tyres condition. This also sees an increase in fuel consumption.


The Tyre Industry Council devised a five point check recently. This helps all motorists understand how importance safety is for motorists of Carterton


  • Check overall conditions of tyres including inner and outer sidewalls
  • Check tyres tread depth
  • Check the pressure of all tyres
  • Check for irregular wear
  • Check if your spare tyre is usable in case of emergency


If you’re worried about your tyres psi or tread, then feel free to drive from Carterton to visit us at our MOT garage in Witney. Unless they’re of course completely worn in which you shouldn’t be driving at all. We can arrange a collection of your vehicle and then we can see what type of tyres you require.



Additional Garage Services in Carterton


While your tyres are being checked, you may require additional garage services. Our vehicle diagnostics machine can check your ECU (electronic control unit) to see if your engine is running correctly or you may have encountered gears slipping and are in need of clutch repairs? Or is your vehicle in need of bespoke car servicing?


Whatever the ailment of your Carterton based vehicle, we have experienced technicians on hand to offer car repairs at very competitive prices. As an MOT testing station, it means that our one stop shop garage services cover all vehicles for any eventualities.


If you live in Carterton and looking for a local mechanics that undertakes all garage services and fits new tyres, then call us now on 01993 779792.

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